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You change best by feeling good, not by feeling bad.

BJ Fogg, PhD
Stanford Behavior Scientist


We want to help you succeed

Our team at Stanford is all about highlighting the best insights about habits and sharing what works in the most practical way.

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Habit Myths

We set the record straight

The Internet has a lot of misleading information about how to change your habits. You need to be careful about what you believe, and that's why we have this section about Habit Myths

What you learn may surprise you -- in a good way!

Create a Habit

It's easier than you think

Many people believe that creating a habit is difficult. That's not entirely true. Some habits are really easy to form. Other habits can be more challenging, but with the right method you can succeed more easily than you think.

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Break a Bad Habit

Get rid of unwanted behaviors

Breaking a habit is a different process than creating one. And you don't always have to swap in a new habit to stop the old one.

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